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2017, Verbandsgemeinde Wachenheim

We take measures to ensure the flood protection of the western area of the village of Wachenheim. The picture shows an impoundment system. According to the Regulation on Dam Safety of the Rhineland-Palatinate, the system can be classified as dam installations of category S3 and are subject to the provisions of the DIN 19700. There is urgent need for action concerning this system: It is of great importance to ensure intact facilities as a precondition for a flawless operation on the one hand. On the other hand, it is absolutely essential to act with regard to possible extreme situations of system components. In addition, it is necessary to guarantee a sufficient retention by improving the catchment capacity.

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2015-2020, Erpolzheim/Bad Dürkheim

Flood protection and development of streamside meadows the area of Bad Dürkheim and its surrounding.

The Gewässerzweckverband GZV Isenach-Eckbach intends to implement the project “Flood protection and development of streamside meadow in Bad Dürkheim” („Hochwasserschutz und Bachauenentwicklung im Dürkheimer und Erpolzheimer Bruch”). This project, which is of transregional significance for the flood control, incorporates various goals concerning the water-management and the protection and conservation of the local nature, as well as the supra-regional flood control. Thereby, the improvement of habitat quality, the reduction of substance inputs and the optimisation of self-cleaning processes and longitudinal connectivity are of great importance. At the same time morphologic stability, nature conservation objectives and landscape development are taken into account.

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2017, Roundabout B37 / Zumstein Bad Dürkheim

The situation in the area of the lightcontrolled junction B 37/Kaiserslauterer Straße has been unsatisfactory because of several aspects: Besides the constantly changing traffic situation and the facts that the safety for pedestrians and cyclists couldn’t be guaranteed, also the long distances between the sidewalks gave reason for an improvement. Those difficulties could significantly be reduced by reconstructing the whole concept into a roundabout: Thereby, the town itself could obviously been separated from the open track. It became possible for road users to recognize the crossover easier and faster. Furthermore, the subordination of the northern and southern part of the “Kaiserslauterer Straße” is more evident now, which leads to a reduction of the through traffic.

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2016-2017 / Heiligenstein

Community Römerberg district Heiligenstein housing site development NBG “W3 Links am Viehtrift”

According to the demand for building sites/ land and the local development around the city of Speyer, the community intends to implement the residential district “W3 Links am Viehtritt”, which is part of the structure plan. The planning for the sanitary waste water system and the rainwater treatment placed high demands due to the special boundary conditions. The technical development concerning transport follows the basic idea of a surface drainage with an emphasis on a harmless rainwater drainage.

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2017-2020 / Hassloch.

Integrated flood by a new watercourse development of the “Rehbach” in the community of Hassloch.

According to its responsibility and competence for waters, the administrative district Bad Dürkheim intends to establish order concerning the course of the river in the area around Hassloch. In conjunction with that, measures initiated to improve the flood control, as well as the water status, are expected to be taken. In tangible terms, the actions are currently limited to a 3 km long section of the “Rehbach” between the industrial area L530 and the treatment plant Haßloch L529.
The project comprises the production of a very high, local flood defence to improve the here “the strongly changed or rather completely changed water” according to the demands of the EU Water Directives.

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